We are the specialized team providing innovative solutions for the health care worldwide. These solutions are focused on improving patients’ access to the health care technologies, on improving the health care efficiency and on providing partnership among respective stakeholders.

We conduct Real World Evidence projects worldwide.

Our solutions for


Improving Patients' Access To Health Care

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Improving Market Access For Health Care Technologies Like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, etc.

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New Launches

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Stakeholders' Networking And Facilitating Trusted Partnership

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Our partner

- The Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at The Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Science of Masaryk's University, Brno, Czech Republic (IBA MU) is a research institute focused on the solutions for scientific projects like health care registries and provides related services, especially in the field of biological and clinical data analysis, software development and ICT applications. Life Science is partnering IBA MU in order to be able to deliver world class clinical data analysis services and top level scientific approach in designing patient registries for our clients.


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